I haven’t worked on anything special for Halloween. But that doesn’t make me bereft of costuming, not by a long shot.

So, I have a classic Halloween party on the Saturday before Halloween, a Witches Brunch the day after that party, the day of Halloween is a work from home/game store day, and then the Saturday after Halloween is a Day of the Dead/Halloween party.

Witches Brunch is easy – I have a wonderful maxi wrap dress from Elhoffer Design in Slytherin green and silver and a black and green sequined witch hat. Especially since I will probably be wiped out from the party the night before (and likely well into the morning of) the brunch, this should be easy to assemble. In a perfect world I would use some of the beautiful nail wraps I have in Slytherin house colors, but wraps tend to be worn for weeks, so one day is a bit much to theme around with so much else going on.

The Bombshells Catwoman is likely coming out for the pre-Halloween party, because I want an excuse to wear it and it’s a short enough skirt I can never wear it to work. Yes, the sunglasses are going to be difficult at night, but I’ll figure something out. Must iron the dress. Gloves mean nail wraps are not a concern.

So that’s two, of the four. This week I’m going to Disneyland, so I will be BB-8 bounding once more (as seen for my birthday a couple years back) 

That means my nails may be orange or white this week – and that could easily last through the rest of the month… provided that color works with everything else?

So now it’s game store consideration. Bombshells Catwoman again? Mara Jade with wig is a bit much for just going to the game store. My other Elhoffer midi wrap dress for a more casual witch – in my true house Ravenclaw blue accents? Easy, quick, comfy, cute… heavily winning in my estimation so far.

Finally, the Day of the Dead party – I have NO IDEA what to wear. More Bombshells? I do love that dress after all! I’ve never made it to this particular friend’s party – not sure how much of it is just late Halloween and how much is actually focused on Day of the Dead. This is the group doing the Witches Brunch, so no Slytherin, but I could Ravenclaw?

So I guess I have more of it planned out than I thought, without any more indulgent purchases!

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