“WonderCon isn’t until March, why are you planning your costumes already?” Well, because I’m planning my Halloween 2019 costume already, and if I finish it early enough I’m wearing it to WonderCon. Duh.

“Wait, Halloween next year? It’s not even Halloween 2018 yet, why are you planning 2019 already?” So I can wear it to WonderCon? Kidding!

Mostly because I plan to join friends at Disneyland for a group costume spectacular in late September of next year, which means putting down dibs on my character to avoid overlap. The theme is Jedi/Sith crossovers with Disney characters… in my case I already own a purple lightsaber so I’m going with the Cheshire Jedi!

This harkens back to my pin trading days, where my screen name was “Cheshire Nomi” – Cheshire being the obvious Cheshire Cat that I collected pins of and Nomi being a reference to my common screen name Nomi Jade, a Star Wars fanfic character/nickname I had developed in High School and still use extensively to this day. Nomi was referential to Nomi Sunrider, a Jedi from the ancient Sith Wars. So Cheshire Nomi clearly ties quite cleanly to a pink and purple grinning Jedi, right?

The basic Jedi layering works well with alternating pink and purple layers to evoke the feel of stripes. But nobody makes Jedi tunics in pink or purple currently, so this is either a custom order from some Etsy vendor… or a sewing project!

Normally a sewing project involves showing up on my Mom’s doorstep with pictures and relying on her amazing needlework, but this is a straightforward enough project that my ambitious self is willing to, with extensive help of course, spend some of my holiday break this year… sewing! Well, botching attempt after attempt, but maybe coming out with something wearable in the end.

Because this is utterly non-approved colors by Rebel Legion or other official standards, I get to go off the reservation with style, as well. Part of me has considered a Satele Shan-esque look, or at least a sleveless Jedi tunic.

In a perfect world, I will acquire some pink and purple fur to back a set of fingerless gloves and make leg warmers to go over purple boots, then if I’m really crafty some fur-backed cat ears to clip to my head. Maybe a pink and purple wig?

Purse gets tricky, no ideas yet. What day to wear it at WonderCon is also a bit tricky – though having a wig makes it almost a guaranteed Saturday outfit, since that’s the day I have the room the whole time for retreating and re-adjustment.

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