So I am going to Labyrinth Masquerade Ball for the first time EVER this year! (This is a thing I have wanted to do for many years)

This ball can be attended in formal wear and a mask, but costumes are distinctly encouraged, and they more elaborate or absurd, the better! So even though it’s my first year, I decided to put SOMETHING special together. The trouble is finances – I have a relatively short time frame, limited crafting ability, and not a big budget.

So with a little brainstorming I decided to convert an existing dress:

Image may contain: Willow M Hawker

Into an Orca!

Image result for orca

Okay, yes, it’s a little weird. So am I. I had planned to document my crafting efforts (dorsal fin, blow hole hair style, mask modification) here… you may have noticed there have been no ACTUAL posts of this.

That’s because I’m being lazy. Work is stressful, lots of gaming outside work is happening, and so crafting just… isn’t. I have the mask I need to modify (black mask, turning the eye hole rims white), I have the blue hair lights (yes, you heard me – hair lights), I know what fin I want to order to recolor and change the straps on, but none of this is actually, you know, going forward.

I haven’t even taken the dress to the dry cleaners.

I have two weeks. This has to happen.

Oh no, I just thought about the fact that I need to work on makeup, too!


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