So this weekend was a whirlwind – I took a Saturday off of Faire so I could attend an annual party… and somehow wound up busier and more social than I could have imagined! From a late night showing of Infinity War on Friday night to two parties taking up the day and night on Saturday, by Sunday I needed to do something chill to relax.

So when my friend Karl suggested hanging out and painting minis, I knew he was exactly right on with what I needed.

Just before my character Flynn was cured of his female form (which he’d had for nearly ten out of game years) I sprung for a HeroForge ( custom mini for the character. Oops.


This is the plain, primered FemFlynn – which is now a practice figure since I was never great at mini painting and haven’t really tried it in over a decade and a half. By choosing how I paint this one, I can make the decisions that will allow me to have an easier time when I go for the boy Flynn print out. It’s also just a great figure, so I was looking forward to painting it!

I found a mini online wearing similar armor that was painted in an amazing execution by ElectricEve ( that I used to help me with color choices – I have a bad habit of making everything a different color (even when they are supposed to be the same clothing item) and turning every figure into a comical clash of color, so using influences like this helps me.


At my first picture break I had gotten the black and deep red in place, and had just started on the dark brown leather straps. The small inset plates of color were a desperate challenge for me, but I did it without significant smearing, which is pretty unusual for me. This is also when I realized I totally forgot about the colors for the dagger and had spend the last couple of hours cursing that owl, because it’s placement made access to the figure’s left a big challenge.

The theme for the next figure is, indeed, “More daggers, less owls.”

While the image doesn’t show it well, in order to get the hair to contrast with the black armor, it is actually a very deep purple, with plans to do a blue wash and add highlights later – at which point I realized my red-and-black clad purple haired character was a medieval Major Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion!

Image result for major katsuragi

This gave me and Karl some good giggles as we worked.

My next targets after the dark brown leather straps were the fine lines of the silver accents – the mercenary company Flynn belongs to chose the colors black and silver for their uniform, because apparently the destructive nature of the Raider Nation was to be our role model. We have, after all, burned a few inns in our day.


My not-so-steady hand was a bane here, but I did get the silver touches in relatively smoothly for my skill level, and added some color to the dagger as well. Then it was time to tackle the owl before calling it a night. I was far too timid to try the face at this point, and I was sure I was going to regret my ambition with the owl…


But strangely I didn’t!  It’s not perfectly even and symmetrical, but it’s forgivable and the owl actually reads pretty clearly now, so I’m damn proud of that!  This is after a host of touch ups, but not quite the final form. The wood floor got a quick coat of brown that I forgot to take a picture of, and at that point my exhaustion caught up with me, so we called it a night.

I’ll never be great, but I’m already starting to see improvements in my minis, so this was a really fun way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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