There are major costumes I want to do, but I have to find time, funding, and effort to do them.  So here I will brainstorm a bit.  Yes, a lot of this has been costuming thoughts lately, I promise there will be something different soon.

The first that comes to mind is the femme War Doctor.  So much needs to go into this.  Jodhpurs, shirt, corset/vest, boots or shoes and gaiters, wig, The Moment purse, coat, scarf, sonic screwdriver, and bits I’m sure I’m forgetting.  I have nothing that will work for this, I have to work from scratch to get this one off the ground.

By this October I need to have 1920’s Leia completed.  I already have the dress, and have some ideas on the jewelry, but I need to decide on the hair style – since I’m doing the medal ceremony jewelry I need to choose between classic buns and the end of ANH ceremony hair.  The former will probably be easier to do on my own, so it will likely be my choice, especially as it will read ‘Leia’ better than the latter.  Also I have no idea where to go for shoes, since this will be a Disneyland trip and they have to be practical as well as appropriate.

An idea I tabled a long time ago that has come back after watching Gather Your Party’s unbirthday episode last Friday was the Steampunk White Rabbit.  The White Rabbit is, after all, such a corseted fellow, always uptight and rigid.  The tricky part for this is that with a true corset I would need assistance getting dressed – which I don’t have at most conventions.  Also the heeled shoes I would go with for a Victorian look may not work well for the full day on my feet.

If I really (and I mean REALLY) want to go for a challenge, my friend Taliesin has a new character on Critical Role that is a Tiefling – since I’m retiring the idea of a pregnant Zahara cosplay from the last campaign, maybe I can still tackle a Tiefling?  Femme Mollymauk?  This just occurred to me, and would be a huge challenge, so I will need to let this brew a bit.

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