This is the project that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends, I started working on it not knowing what it was, and I’ll continue working on it forever just because…

There is a project at work that I have had to defer over and over, because it’s heavily rooted in screen shots and there have been reasons for over a year that makes them difficult to get (or I was distracted by other work when the time was right, since I didn’t know my window was going to close).  Frustrating.

We have been bit in the backside before by dated screenshots on this article, so I need to make sure there are as few clues to when the picture was captured as possible.  The idea is to make the new overhaul of this article last as long as possible, though changes will happen.  Alas, nothing will stop the inevitable progress of time, in the end.

But still I keep having to revisit, again and again.  Without any real forward progress.  And I chomp at the bit because of it.  So I vent here, thank you for listening.

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