My finances are fine. I have a comfortable savings pad.

So why in HELL is my brain torturing me about everything money related? Reminding me of my frivolous expenses, followed by urging me to stress-spend, which then loops me right back into guilt over my lack of ability to budget effectively.

I kind of hate my current apartment – we had what appear to be our annual plumbing issues recently – but there’s no chance of even finding the equivalent for what we currently pay. However I recently read and article reminding me that I shouldn’t be spending more than 30% of my income on rent… needless to say I’m a bit over that and stressing it.

Of course, it doesn’t help that in my attempt to spend time with friends and relax I went out to brunch, and on leaving managed to damage the front bumper of my car enough that it needed to be replaced. Concrete pillar, car bumper, attention on what is going on behind my car and not on where the front end is, overall not a great combination.

I am my own worst enemy right now.

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