When does “Internet Famous” become “Famous”?

Some friends of mine had a great little D&D game, that eventually they started live streaming sessions on Geek & Sundry.  It was pretty cool!  Great to watch, helped that they are voice actors and fascinating personalities just to start with, with a phenomenal storyteller as their DM.

It was also an internet HIT.  They had fans, tribute gifts, they even have people cosplaying as their characters!  It was surreal watching people become called “Critters” as their supporters.  They were absolutely famous online for this great weekly show.

But at what point do you cross that line?  They are clearly famous on the internet, but how about being part of the mainstream news, does that take you from internet renown to actual notoriety?

If so, check out this CBS News article on the show Critical Role!

I’m so happy to know this crew, and that their hobby is turning into something awesome and beyond anyone’s expectations.  GRATS, Critical Role!

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