Reviewing the frequency of my posts, I was clearly getting back into the swing of things in November.  Not quite three posts a week all the time, but on the road back to that rate.

And then somehow December just barged in and I became a slug.  In part it was due to being home for the holidays nearly half of the month – where we have one computer right now for two gamers.  A situation that is scheduled to be resolved by early February.


(I’m kidding – my husband did order his new computer yesterday, finally, so we’re in the home stretch.)

My break of playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, Diablo III, or the latest World of Warcraft expansion didn’t happen.  Instead it was Black Desert Online (which I’m just shy of burning out on) and VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action.  The latter is fascinating to those who love a good story driven game and/or the cyberpunk genre – you are the bartender in the future, where all the various characters come to get a drink, divulge their troubles, and do business.  You know, everyone’s favorite NPC, made PC!  No dialogue choices, no actions other than mixing drinks, you just control the story by what drinks you serve.  In classic RPG blocky graphics, too.  It’s surprisingly fun!

So we’re just going to ignore that little gap in my writing as my much needed re-charge period.

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