I used to work at Blizzard Entertainment, which meant that sometimes I had access to some pretty neat merch that might not otherwise be available.  One of my favorite items was the first offer of the plush version of the baby murloc, Murky.

murkyMurky, in game form

murky-plushMurky, in plush form

Originally these were only made for the Korean audience, so purchasing them was a rare and special circumstance.  Of course, I got as many as I could when they were offered.  I kept one and found good homes for the others with people who missed that opportunity.

Because of their adorable and exclusive nature, other people made sure that some of these items found their way to EBay – usually at several hundred dollars each.  That didn’t stop me from wanting to be able to take my cute companion with me, especially to BlizzCon.

But I was going to be working the Registration desk that year, which meant my hands would be full and if I set down my fuzzy fishy friend, it was full well likely he would find himself filched.  Even those that wouldn’t want him for themselves would be happy to make a tidy profit off of him.  So what to do?

I needed some way to attach him to me during the times I needed my hands – and rubber bands weren’t going to cut it.  But somehow I discovered my old goth collar (acquired at Petco because it was sturdier and cheaper than the human collars available at Hot Topic back in the day) from when I was a tiny wanna-goth kid with a teeny little neck.  Sure, even on it’s largest setting it didn’t fit me… but sure enough on it’s smallest placement it was perfect for a little murloc buddy!

So Murky became a little punk and proudly wore his collar (which allowed me to attach him to my belt loops while I was working, nobody was going to get him off of there easily) and I got to show off my adorable acquisition safely among the people who would appreciate it most.

The next year, of course, they started making US versions and selling them at BlizzCons, so his special status was retired.  His collar, however, was not.  To this day he sits on my desk, ready to rock!

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