I’m getting super spoiled.  My work has provided us a coffee shop on the property, and I’m there every morning.

Usually they know my order as I walk in the door – iced caramel latte.  But this week they introduced a new house-made peppermint syrup.  Due to the cold weather I’ve been having this in delicious hot lattes.  But today they also broke out their special peppermint marshmallows.

I love high end quality marshmallows, anyway.  But I never thought to have them in coffee.  Oh man, how short sighted I was!

I still need to figure out how to order the special kitty shaped marshmallows from Japan.  And figure out how to get the ever so delicious marshmallows the chocolate booth at Faire had (a booth that was not at Southern Faire last year, so is likely not going to be back again this next year).

I can vividly remember when I lived in Fullerton and was home alone, needing to get something for dinner.  Because I had recently had major dental work, this was a little bit challenging, but I remember that in my work bag was a ziploc bag of mini marshmallows.  Thinking these would tide me over until I decided what I was going to eat for real.

This was a mistake!  Why?  Because I was so lazy and felt so good after snacking on the marshmallows, that I didn’t get moving right away.  So about an hour or two later I felt this lethargy and weight settling into my limbs.  Never before had I really consciously experienced a sugar crash, but 100% that was what it was – and there was nothing that was going to peel me off that couch!  Not even the temptation of real food, which I needed badly.

Blue Valkyrie needed food badly.  Blue Valkyrie was about to die (not really – this is a Gauntlet reference).

Blue Valkyrie didn’t eat anything but marshmallows that night… oops.

But still I love them so!

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