The most American holiday – Thanksgiving!  We celebrate running roughshod over the native peoples by over eating and crass consumerism, very much a snapshot of much of the American condition, right?

Still, taking the time to appreciate the things we have, that’s something worth taking time for.  Even if the original auspices and current modus operandi are less than admirable, make sure to take that space and time to reflect on the good that you have, as well as looking forward to the good things you are pursuing.

I have a career.  Not a job, but a path that could lead to something I love, and is already something I enjoy.  I’m a communicator, a wordsmith. This blog is part of my development on that front, I keep exercising my wordcraft here.

That means that I’m also thankful for you!  Yes, by putting your eyes on this experiment, you keep me motivated to keep trying to improve my writing.  I hope you get some information, enjoyment, or insight here once in a while.  Even better, if I can provide all three!

My family – immediate and extended.  My husband and my kitty Pixie are that immediate family that I come home to every day, they help me through the stressful times (and cause stress of their own at times – especially Pixie!) and for that I value them more than I could put into words.

My network, my people, friends and more.  The time in the hospital made me realize how strong my group of people that support me really are.  I’ve leaned on you before, but this year had some extra challenges and every single time there was someone to step up.  Just trying to write about it brings tears to my eyes.  Catching up in person is a priority, because I realize how much I need these people in my life, and how grateful I am for everything they make my life into.  We are defined by the company we keep, so that means I am pretty bad ass.

Hobbies help me define who I am outside of my career, so I am thankful for the release I get from and the social aspects of gaming, historical reenactment, and my geek communities!  We’re finally the cool kids!

That’s just a small cross section of things I wanted to cry from the rooftops about.

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