It’s October 1st.  Clearly not anywhere close to Christmas/Winter Holiday time yet.

I get why craft stores have Christmas stuff out – for those who are particularly crafty they often have to start or projects early.  So growing up I never questioned fabric stores and the like about it.  That’s where I draw the line, however.

Elsewhere?  Malls and department stores and groceries? Really?  Wait until after Thanksgiving, or if you can’t keep it in your pants ugly sweater that long, at least give us Halloween.  It’s a holiday for decorating, celebrating child-like joy, remembering lost love ones as the veil of the year thins, it has it’s own music, cadence, treats, etc.  There’s no need to fill in any gaps, Halloween has got you covered.

Give us this day our daily fun sized, and forgive us our non-accurate costume, as we have forgiven those who wore inaccurate outfits from our fandom.


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