Yesterday was a trip to the LA County Fair, to see if I could stand a day of being semi-active.  So easy strolling, crass consumerism, piggy races, and best of all snacks!

We started the day with a margarita – they no longer come in the absurdly large shaker containers, despite the pictures showing said containers.  It was mixed weak, and I was disappointed.  Sure, blood thinners helped me feel it a little, but over all less impressive than years previous.

Then it was time for real food – so burgers and fries were the order of the day thanks to the smoky delicious smell coming off their outdoor grill.  Good burger, lacking in quality toppings.  Fries were like thicker cut McDonald’s fries, that’s the only way to explain them – they had that unique flavor I have only found at McDonald’s until now.

Indian fry bread – we got the garlic butter and parmesan cheese topped one, and it was UH-MAZE-ING.  Pools of delicious garlic rich butter, fried and flaky bread, tasty salty cheese contrast.  This is going to become one of my Fair staples.

Icees!  I got the lemonade, which had a fluffy texture that was unlike most other frozen lemonades.  The sour watermelon apple was just like a jolly rancher.  I skipped cherry because I can get it elsewhere, but I really enjoyed the lemonade for it’s sweet uniqueness.

Brief break for the piggy races.  Out of the 5-6 animal races our team won three times, one pig, one turkey, and I think the third was the duck race?  It was a whirlwind and I took my pain pill right after, so my memory is a little fuzzy.

Post piggy races was water for meds, and a shared “porakbello kabob” – mushroom (not a portabello, though) stuffed with gouda, wrapped in bacon, and cooked on the grill.  The concept is amazing – if any of the ingredients would have been better quality it would have been great.  It was still very good, but I could taste the lack in all three major elements.  Better re-created outside the fair, but a fantastic inspiration.

Quick stop for spiked lemonade, just what I needed.  A bit of rum in some lemonade, refreshing!

Then there was Dippin’ Dots ice cream – I have loved this concept since I was a small and gullible child, and I will never stop.  I got Moose Tracks, which was vanilla dots, mini peanut butter cups, and fudge chunks.  Over-frozen ice cream pellets are totally white trash food, and I don’t care in the least I will always love them.

Oh sure, there was shopping and talking and other fun stuff, but the food, man the food is why you go to the Fair!  (And the comical hats help – I returned home with a sparkly trilby perched on my noggin, a sign of a successful day.)

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