It’s a gamer phrase, that according to Urban Dictionary means: “To gamble recklessly and aggressively after a bad or improbable beat or series of bad or improbable beats. Usually results in losing all of your money and then some. Good gamblers avoid this at all costs, even if it means going home earlier than expected.”

At work we use it to mean any kind of extreme reactionary attitude after some form of aggravation.

I think having a door alarm going off intermittently (and sometimes for excessive periods of time) all day at work has me on tilt.  I am ready to say “Fuck it all!” because my last nerve has been tap danced on since I got here at eight am.

I did get a respite, when I went to my orthodontist and got to pay excessively for parking just to be told that everything is okay and come back in a year.  Which is good, except for the parking bill.

Today has me extremely ready to go off on someone, I can feel it bubbling up, and my goal is just to keep it in check until I can leave the office and blow off steam.  Maybe I’ll load up Black Desert Online and take out Red Orcs until I’m calmer.

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