Alright, so maybe this post isn’t actually about Daft Punk, but I really am jamming to “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” as my “Own it” groove today.

Because that’s what I’ve done with my look lately, I’ve totally owned it!  I finished my tattoos.  I bought a new car (not planned, but I worked hard to get the right car for me).  And then I took my super-long sit-on-the-ends bright red hair and changed it!


Old Hair


New Hair

I’ve never had hair this short – and yes, by the standards of the rest of the world it’s still long hair.  But once my hair grew past my waist, I never cut it.  I was “The Girl With The Hair”, especially after I started coloring it bright red.  Now it’s upper back length, in a color combo called ‘Oil Slick’ with a dark over-layer and a blue-green-purple under-layer.

And I love it.  This is my first big change in a very long time to my hair, and it feels so good.  I am planning to ROCK THIS.

Make-up, dresses, tattoos, hair changes… I’m just ready to be so me on the outside, a chance to show a little bit of that inner me to anyone and everyone.  I’m liking it.

(Although now that I feel like I CAN change my hair, who knows where we’ll go next!)

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