Find out what it means to me!

Well, a bunch of car dealerships got to find that out over the last week.  From bombarding me with high pressure contacts to talking to my husband (who had not been introduced at all) that was not the car-buyer, I’ve seen a lot of slights over the past week.

I was given a test drive that was four right turns at slow speeds, then back into the dealer’s lot.  One guy tried to tell me he had the inside scoop on how the legislature is going to decide on the carpool lane stickers soon… yeah, right.  Another dealer that I was really ready to go with gave me the brush off and told me to call a tech (without giving me a name or number to call) about my concerns with the history of issues in the particular model.  Of course there were the “no pressure, but here’s some high pressure to make a sale right now” types, and the inevitable decision that what I wanted was not what I really wanted, what I wanted was what they could get me into right now.  One dealership called me, didn’t know I was married or that my partner was opposite gender, but asked if my husband leased a vehicle.  That one infuriated me – more because of the assumption that I was straight than even the idea that I must be married.  I actually wrote to that dealer and let them know why I would not be dealing with them further – heteronormativity leads to marginalizing other groups and I won’t stand for it – especially since I’m bi and actually not straight, so I fall into those other groups.

A few dealers played me straight, helped me make a decision, gave me options and information without pressure.  Oddly enough, at least two-thirds of those quality dealers, were female.  Apparently women sell cars in the way I want to buy them.

In the end I am going with a Hybrid RAV4 from Toyota, and I’m pretty excited to pick it up at the end of the month!



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