The world, as it is currently, is a terrifying and depressing place.  So let’s talk about Pokemon, instead!

That’s right, while I will never be the very best, like no one ever was, I am still having fun as a casual trainer in Pokemon Go.  My temptation has been to get a shirt with an ‘R’ on the front and run around the office stealing phones while yelling “Team Rocket is blasting off again!”  Of course I would then take those phones directly to the front desk as “lost” so that people would get them back.  But my entire office is walking everywhere with their faces affixed to the tiny screens.

One sec, I need to check if the PokeStop outside has refreshed… okay, I got three more PokeBalls, let’s continue.

I am not inclined to burn through my phone battery, walk extensively around my slightly ghetto neighborhood (especially after dark).  But at work, if I’m going to do a walk-and-talk anyway, why not snag some lost little Evee in the process?

The game does not teach you well, so a network of fellow players, even those far away and online, to help you understand is a must.  Beware of false tips (like the one going around that claims you can retrieve missed PokeBalls – this is a lie).

The very basics: When your phone vibrates, click the nearby Pokemon you see.  Place your finger on the Pokeball, watch the inner circle that changes size slowly, when the inner ring is smaller it is easier to “throw” your PokeBall into the space between the rings, which is how you catch the Pokemon.  Just flick your finger and try to throw the ball into that space.  If the inner ring is yellow or orange, the Pokemon is likely to break out of the ball and you will have to try several times, as the Pokemon is agitated – I haven’t found a way to calm them down, yet.  Green small inner circle is easiest and least likely to waste your PokeBalls.

That took me days to figure out, so you’re welcome if you’re new!

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