If you put an intent out there, you can be held accountable to it.  So here it goes.

The blog: I intend to make at least a short post or story (excuses for not posting do not count), and the cadence is at least three times a week.  Sometimes I will push myself to make a post a day.  Weekends are okay to post, but not required.  Holiday weekends – like the one I’m currently experiencing – count as weekends.  While traveling, for work or pleasure, posting may be suspended, depending on how much “bored in the hotel room” time I have to spend.

When I can’t think about what to write, I may use the “Wayback Machine” which will let me tell an amusing anecdote or story from the past.  Usually my past, maybe not.  Generally Wayback Machine posts will be as true as I can remember them, may be deeply personal, and have the potential to ramble a bit.  Forewarned, you are.

That is the goal.  3x per week on weekdays.  More is better.  When I hit a wall, try hopping in the Wayback Machine.

If I can be that successful, I can upgrade this to a real URL and more custom formats with the wordpress premium package.  I think we will give it one month from the start date (June 30th, 2016) to determine success.  I will also start to think about commissioning a logo, art, business cards, and so on if I make it longer than the month.

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