So this morning I was in a rush to get ready – I grabbed a dress with pockets. Mint green, pretty cute, a-line. But it’s cold, so I grabbed my Faerie Lace leggings from Bombsheller/Espionage (you can find them here).

Dress is an old Modcloth staple

Then, it was makeup time – light eyeliner and a chance to use my new eyeshadow from Espionage, the Mystic Quest (here)! But I had new hairsticks, too! Okay, time for a bun…

Oops, all of a sudden I went from sleepy to… Tinkerbell?


2 thoughts on “Accidental Looks

  1. I am resentful that the pics are broken on my computer. (Not saying it is you, my tubes are often strange, but my iPhone can’t seen them either using its data plan…)


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